Case Studies

The FLUGT Refugee Museum of Denmark tells stories of hardship and hope

A new museum in the west of Denmark uses subtle touches of AV and powerful stories to give voice to refugees in a site of historical importance. Anna Mitchell takes a look.

Amazing feats of AV integration uncovered as we explore Dubai’s Museum of the Future

AV integrator AVI-SPL joined a crack team of curators, designers, futurists and creatives to bring the Museum of the Future to life. Anna Mitchell journeys to the year 2071 to experience a feat of immersion, storytelling and stagecraft.

Wake me up: Avicii Museum's AV-powered celebration

The Avicii Experience pays tribute to EDM’s greatest pioneer through an intelligent, creative and emotional installation. Reece Webb reports.

AV excellence at the Supreme Assembly of Uzbekistan

Redmouse rose to the task of completing a new, vast parliament like no other. Reece Webb reports.