LED drones illuminate the sky at Mount Fuji

LED drones illuminate the sky at Mount Fuji
Japanese tradition met the latest technology in a recent live performance at Mount Fuji incorporating illuminated drones and Shamisen music.

At 3776 meters tall, it takes something special to take attention away from Japan’s tallest mountain. Local advertising company MicroAd achieved just this, however, by creating a ‘Sky Magic’ display featuring twenty, small MIDI-controlled drones and 16,500 LED lights.

According to the company’s website, the movement of the drones and light emitted by the LEDs is automatically adapted to suit the music in the performance – in this case, traditional Japanese guitars.

Operators were able to control the drones and the AV components of the performance on a DMX512 network.

Incorporating drones with AV technology looks to be becoming increasingly popular for entertainment companies, with Disney reportedly working on creating a drone and projection system for evening shows at resorts.

The video above shows the first live drone performance to take place at Mt Fuji.

Source: MicroAd

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