Disney brings characters to life through drones and AV

Disney has lodged a patent to couple a projection system with drone technology. The specific system would project a still image or video on to a reflector positioned between a drone and an attached projector. The move backs up the stance of Stampede, a US distributor recently making moves in Europe, that has evangelised the opportunities for AV providers harnessing the growing popularity of drones.

In January 2015, InAVate first explored the opportunities that drone technology represented for the AV industry and over the past 11 months the message has been gathering pace.

Disney is the latest voice to add its name to the message outlining a projection system that can be used in a multitude of ways and enhance its entertainment light shows.

According to the patent application, Disney will use drones to create large characters during night-time entertainment displays as well opening up aerial advertising opportunities and quick distribution of emergency information.

ISE staged a Drone Arena where Stampede outline the potential for AV professionals. You can watch ISEShow.TV’s coverage here.