Zytronic unveils touch/virtual button design concept ’‹

Zytronic debuted its ZyBrid, a design concept of a touch/virtual button, based on its multi-touch capable, projected capacitive touchnology (MPCT).

The MPCT technology allows for the detection of multiple fingers simultaneously, as well as conductive styli and gloved or dirty hands, through a glass thickness of 10mm or more.

The technology also does not allow raindrops, leaves, dirt and ice to interfere with the touch system, allowing the ZyBrid to be used indoors and outdoors.

 The ZyBrid system is comprised of a custom glass ZyBrid touch sensor with a Zytronic ZXY500 multi-touch controller that supports up to 100 independent touch points and touch detection.

Custom firmware has been designed by Zytronic for the controller, allowing a touch sensing area to be defined along fixed key positions and a ‘touch pad’.

The technology also allows touchscreen combinations of aspect ratios, with full keyboards, keypads and other frequently used buttons such as shortcuts and calculators, internet browsers or maps.

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