Zytronic unveils hybrid touch sensors

Zytronic hybrid touch

Zytronic announced its hybrid touch technology, integrating touch and physical controls into a sensor’s active area

Zytronic’s hybrid touch allows for tactile buttons and/or mechanical dials to be incorporated in and around the active area of a projected capacitive touchscreen, connected invisibly through the viewable area of the screen.  

Hybrid Touch sensors feature machined apertures in the touch sensor, located and shaped to a system designer's specifications that allow chosen dials or switches to be placed exactly where required.

Zytronic then deposits power and data lines to the mechanical controls embedded in the touch interface.

Sensor electrodes in the screen are deposited around the physical holes required for the dial or switches, being processed by the touch controller in a conventional way but with custom firmware in the controller being programmed to ignore the area of the holes themselves.