Zytronic adds object recognition capability

Zytronic has worked with Tangible Display to offer object recognition capability on its MPCT multi-touch glass (ZyBrid) and foil (ZyFilm).

The function is suitable for use in retail, museums and galleries. It is based on the attachment of physical markers to the objects to be tracked and does not require modification of the touch sensor or multi-touch controller.  Tangible Display’s proprietary object recognition user interface (UI) software, ObjectViz, works with Zytronic firmware that can be installed onto a standard ZXY200 or 300, 40-point multitouch controller.

By combining the Zytronic and Tangible Display solutions the sensor can respond to multiple touches but ignore any objects placed on the scree that do not have the “tags” on their base. As part of the guided setup process the Tangible software is taught to recognise only a specific pattern of tags attached to an object, and respond accordingly. Furthermore, a full report of user interactions can be saved for later review and analysis.

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