Zoom launches Intelligent Director tool for equitable experiences in large meeting rooms

Zoom Video Communications launched the AI-powered Intelligent Director for Zoom Rooms this week.

For hybrid meetings with a Zoom Room, Intelligent Director uses AI and multiple cameras in an effort to provide the best image and angle of participants in the room.

Intelligent Director is specifically designed for medium- to larger-sized rooms and helps avoid the “bowling alley effect”. Intelligent Director can individually frame up to 16 participants in a Zoom Room using multiple cameras, choosing the best video stream via a Zoom-designed AI, and send that stream to the gallery view of the Zoom Meeting.

Intelligent Director builds on Zoom’s Smart Gallery feature, which uses a single camera and AI to give each person in a small to medium-sized room their own space in a Zoom Meeting, for larger conference rooms.

For bigger meeting spaces, it is easier to be hidden by others when only using a single camera, so Intelligent Director’s multi-camera configuration and use of video AI technology provide meeting equity to everyone in the room, selecting the best view of everyone, even if they move around or turn their heads. Remote participants can now have face-to-face conversations with each Zoom Rooms participant, allowing in-room participants to be seen and heard.

Zoom says Intelligent Director is a result of collaboration with its hardware partners with manufacturers including Apple, AVer, Dell, HP | Poly, Intel, Logitech, and Yealink providing the computer, controller, and camera technologies necessary for the tool to work.

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