Zoom debuts Zoom Workplace AI collaboration platform

Zoom has unveiled Zoom Workplace, an AI-enabled collaboration platform that incorporates 40 new features for collaborative work.

The open collaboration platform incorporates new AI Companion features for Zoom Phone as well as extended capabilities with Ask AI Companion and an updated look of the Zoom app. The AI enhancement of Zoom Phone allows users to request a post-call summary and next steps, with voicemail prioritisation of urgent messages moved to the top of the queue, and voicemail task extraction to deliver tasks from voicemails and identify next steps.

Teams SMS thread summary also adds a concise overview of Team SMS threads in PowerPack.

Zoom announced improvements to Zoom Contact Centre, enabling businesses to leverage real-time AI powered insights to improve live agent engagements.

Additional capabilities for Team Chat and Whiteboard are added, available at no additional cost with the paid services in eligible Zoom user accounts.

AI Companion can now integrate smart scheduling that automatically detects the intent for a meeting in chat and suggests a meeting time. Future updates will provide sentence completion and expand support to 38 languages (in preview) for the chat compose and thread summary features.

Zoom Whiteboard users can also generate and refine whiteboard flowcharts and mind maps using a prompt.

For Zoom Meetings, users will see a new Meetings tab within the Zoom app that allows users to collaborate before, during, and after meetings, supporting traditional calendar views and serving as the central place for agendas, recordings and meeting summaries.

During meetings, a new multi-speaker view automatically adapts the video layout to highlight active speakers, with AI-powered portrait lighting to illuminate users’ faces in poor lighting, alongside generative AI virtual backgrounds to allow users to create custom backgrounds.

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