Zoom certifies Yamaha UC CS-700 video soundbar

Yamaha Unified Communications has announced that its CS-700 Video Sound Bar is certified for use with Zoom.

The all-in-one video conferencing system passed Zoom's extensive testing process, ensuring the audio, camera, and USB interface seamlessly integrates with the video conferencing software.

The certification verifies that the CS-700 is interoperable with Zoom, making it easy for users to connect and control the Video Sound Bar while benefitting from the highest quality audio and video.

Along with the certification, Yamaha is releasing new firmware (version 1.4) for the CS-700, allowing all existing devices to upgrade to the new version with audio and video quality enhancement, and usability improvements. The update will also provide Bluetooth connection, mute sync, and in-app optimisations for more comfortable and huddle room collaboration.

The CS-700 firmware compatible with Zoom Rooms will be provided for free starting March 2020 from uc.yamaha.com.

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