Zero Density releases AI-powered tracking product

Zero Density has releasesed Traxis talentS, an AI-powered markerless stereoscopic tracking system that can identify the people inside a 3D virtual environment without any wearables.

TalentS is the first product of Zero Density’s new brand Traxis, with which Zero Density addresses the challenges of tracking in virtual production. Deploying talentS makes beacons or wearables (previously used to track movement) obsolete, giving more flexibility and ease in moving in virtual studios.

With AI algorithms and Nvidia’s GPU Tensor Cores, talentS extracts the talent’s 3D location from the image with precision. It sends the tracking data to Reality Engine to create accurate reflections, refractions, and the virtual shadows of the talent inside the 3D space.

Designed by live production experts, talentS works 24/7 continuously without any interruptions. It sends data through FreeD protocol and integrates with the Reality ecosystem and any other FreeD speaking platform, out of the box.


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