ZeeVee launches Dante-enabled ZyPer4k decoder

ZeeVee has announced support for Dante with its first version of ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K AV decoder featuring an integrated Dante transmitter.

The ZyPer4K decoder enables users to route audio sources within a ZyPer4K deployment to a Dante network, with Dante audio over IP including support for features such as ‘human’ readable names for connected devices, automatic device discovery, ‘one-click’ routing and automatic reconnection of system components after power cycles.

The Dante transmitter found in the ZyPer4K decoder is managed by the Dante Controller application, with virtual patch panel providing for the connecting of devices, clocking, sampling control and the ability to manually choose between unicast and multicast signal distribution. 

Audio from ZyPer4K encoders can be routed directly to a ZyPer4K decoder and inserted onto the Dante network via the embedded Dante transmitter. 

The ZyPer4K system also allows video and audio to be independently routed, allowing users to route both signals from different sources to the decoder. 

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