ZeeVee highlights AV distribution products at ISE 2020

ZeeVee showcased a range of new and existing products at the show, demonstrating its STBi3 set top box decoder, the ZyPer management platform 2.1, the ZyPer 4K AV decoder with Dante, the ZyPer4K encoder with loop out, ZyPerMX2/4 encoders and the ZyPer4K quad encoder card.

STBi3 set top box decoder 
ZeeVee demonstrated its STBi3 set top box for bulk video distribution or IPTV applications, capable of being used in conjunction with the ZyPer MX-4 quad-channel H.264 encoder or the HDBbridge3000 to provide a digital head-end for distribution of large numbers of AV sources to a scalable number of displays. 

The STBi3 supports UDP and RTP streams with MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 encoding, as well as QAM and ATSC 2.0. 

The decoder includes PoE and is capable of scaling video up to 4K/60 for compatible 4K/60 monitors, with the STBi3’s architecture allowing for expansion if system requirements change. 

ZyPer management platform 2.1
The ZyPer management platform has been updated with a video preview function that allows users to identify content before it is routed to an endpoint in the system, with a Multiview text overlay function that enables users to add varied descriptions, custom labels and branding simultaneously over onscreen video to multiple monitors. 
Simple network management protocol (SNMP) and improved network and security capabilities are also included. 
ZyPer 4K AV decoder with Dante 
ZeeVee showcased its ZyPer4K unit with Dante, featuring product interoperability by enabling users to route any audio source within a ZyPer4K deployment to a Dante network, with features including ‘human’ readable names for connected devices, automatic device discovery, one-click routing and low deterministic latency. 

ZyPer4K encoder with loop-out 
The ZyPer4K encoder with loop-out allows for confidence monitoring to a local monitor and content streaming capabilities to mobile devices and desktops in additional locations via an additional HDMI loop-out port and compatibility with an H.264 encoder such as the ZyPerMX4 or ZyPerMX2. 
Zyper4K encoder with loop out

ZyPerMX2/4 encoders 
The ZyPerMX2 and ZyperMX4 multi-source H.264 encoders feature support for the RTMP live streaming protocol, allowing users to stream two or four sources simultaneously over IP networks. The systems are able to support different sets of multiple streaming formats for each source channel, expanding the range of devices each channel can support. 

Both models support the AAC audio compression format as well as MP2 and AC3, with the encoders also supporting four streaming protocols: RTMP, HLS, RTP and UP. 

ZyPer4K quad encoder card for Netgear M4300-96X 
The ZyPer4K quad encoder card for Netgear’s M4300-96X (formerly the ZyPer4K HDMI module) has been released, an Ethernet switch with integrated HDMI connectivity for the distribution of 4K/UHD and HDR content. 

The card plugs in to the Netgear 10G M4300-96X modular managed Ethernet switch, accommodating up to four HDMI sources.  

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