Yamaha updates MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System

New firmware for the Yamaha MMP1 studio monitor management system has been announced which adds a range of refinements, including support for the CB Electronics TMC-1 monitor controller.

The MMP1 is a signal processor which incorporates monitor control and a range of audio processing functions, to support production workflows, in one rack-mountable unit.

In addition to a 40x36 monitor matrix - which allows configuration of main monitor, cue and other audio I/O - the MMP1 includes a 32x32 speaker management matrix with time alignment functionality and FIR crossover filters. This unit offers flexibility for managing formats from stereo to immersive multi-channel audio.

The Version 1.1 firmware update adds remote control support for the TMC-1 monitor controller from CB Electronics, a manufacturer of equipment for post-production studios. With the new firmware, the TMC-1 can be used to remotely control MMP1 monitor source selection, speaker system selection, levels, mute and dim.

The MMP1 Version 1.1 update will be available as a free download from the Yamaha Pro Audio web site during the third quarter of 2018.

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