Yamaha to debut speech privacy system at InfoComm 2022

Yamaha Unified Communications will demonstrate its new VSP-2 speech privacy system, alongside its ADECIA system, RM microphone options and YVC conference phone family at the show.

The Yamaha VSP-2 speech privacy system prevents information leakage without emitting sound-masking audio. 

Designed with retrofits in mind, the system includes info-masking technology to mask the human voice in unwanted areas with a low sound level, as well as environmental audio with four audio options that Is mixed to the speech sound masker. 

Four types of sound effects are also available, added to unobtrusively distract others from heaving private conversations. 

The VSP-2’s control unit allows users to power the system on and off, select a preferred sound effect and environmental sound as well as set the performance and volume level for a personalised room environment. 

During installation, either two, four or eight VSP-2 micro speakers are mounted to a ceiling or wall with the included hardware and speaker cable (non-plenum rated). 


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