Yamaha showcases new audio ranges at ISE 2020

Yamaha DZR White Speakers
Yamaha's DZR passive loudspeakers

Yamaha showcased its range of white passive loudspeakers and subwoofers, network switches and UC products at the show, demonstrating new models and variants of existing product lines.

White DZR/DXS XLF Powered and CZR/CXS XLF passive loudspeakers and subwoofers

The white DZR/DXS XLF powered and CZR/CXS XLF passive loudspeakers and subwoofers were unveiled in the loudspeakers’ European debut, with the DZR range comprising eight full-range models and four DXS XLF subwoofers, with ‘D’ versions that feature onboard Dante in/out capability. 

96kHz DSP processing and low-frequency sound reproduction is included, with the DXS XLF subwoofers able to reach an extended low frequency of 30Hz. 
The passive CZR series features three full-range models, with two CXS XLF subwoofers, sharing the same cabinet and speaker components as the DXR/DXS XLF models. 

Optional accessories include a white U bracket that can be installed in both vertical and horizontal configurations, with the existing SPCVR series speaker covers for all models (available in black only) and a wheel kit for DXS XLF/CXS XLF subwoofers able to be used with the white models. 

Network switches

New network switches for larger Dante systems were shown, the SWR2310 series switches designed to provide options for Dante systems at large scale live events, theatres, retail and more. 

The SWR2310 series offers 1Gbps or 10Gbps communications where an RJ45 switch with security management is needed without PoE. 

The SWR2310-28GT (24 ports with four ports for SFP+) and SWR2310-18GT (16 ports with two ports for SFP+) supports multiple channels of 96kHz Dante network via 10G uplink ports for connection to multiple devices. 

For long distance transmission, the network switches can be combined with Yamaha’s SFP optical modules or DAC direct attach cables for a transmission distance of up to 10km. 

The SWR2310-10G (Eight ports with two ports for SFP without a 10G uplink port) was also launched, with the SWR2310 models supporting the VLAN function and built-in Radius server for security management, with the Yamaha LAN Monitor software available for status monitoring and troubleshooting. 

Yamaha SWR2310 network switchers
Unified Communications range 

A range of UC products for the enterprise and entertainment markets were also demonstrated, launching the YVC-330 conference phone which features SoundCap technology, using far field noise reduction (FFNR) to minimise background noise in loud environments such as open-plan offices. 

An automatic mute function is included, allowing users to be muted when they are not speaking to reduce background noise. 

The YVC-330 can also be connected to laptops, tablets or smartphones via USB, Bluetooth or NFC. 

The CS-700 soundbar with integrated camera was also demonstrated, able to be wall mounted and connected to a desktop or laptop computer using an adapter and one cable to establish the connection. 
A four-microphone beamforming array is used to capture spoken word, with the camera covering 120 degrees. 

The CS-700 is also compatible with USB, Bluetooth and NFC. 

Yamaha’s wireless conference microphone systems were also demonstrated, with the Executive Elite and HD series professional microphone systems working in combination with Yamaha’s powered loudspeaker systems and audio processors. 

All Yamaha UC products are compatible with common software and platform systems such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WebEx. 

Yamaha YVC-330_2