Yamaha launches loudspeakers, PoE switch and interface cards at InfoComm 2018

At InfoComm2018 Yamaha has launched the VXL1-16P line array loudspeaker, the SWR2311P-10G L2 PoE switch and two interface cards for the RIVAGE PM digital mixing system, the HY144-D-SRC and HY128-MD.

Launched at InfoComm2018, the VXL1-16P is a slim (5.4cm/2.1inch wide) line array loudspeaker, optimised to deliver high quality audio into rooms that demand vocal clarity from a stylish design, but where space is limited.

The VXL1-16P receives audio via a Dante network, with power supplied from a PoE compliant L2 switch, such as the new Yamaha SWR2311P-10G, which can supply both PoE and Dante audio/control signals.

Equipped with sixteen 3.75 cm/1.5-in full-range drivers, the VXL1-16P reduces vertical dispersion, ensuring that clear sound is delivered to the back of the room, but with wide horizontal coverage. The slimline chassis allows installation in locations with limited space, without impacting on a room’s appearance. Available in white or black, it can be repainted to an alternative colour, if required.

The VXL1-16P’s Dante/PoE provision means that an entire speaker system can be constructed as a network, allowing existing IT infrastructure to be effectively used. Speakers can also be remotely controlled from Yamaha’s ProVisionaire Touch custom control panel for iPad, via a Wi-Fi network.

The SWR2311P-10G L2 switch provides functionality for Audinate’s Dante digital audio network, allowing construction of audio networks while simplifying settings, monitoring, management and operation.

The SWR2311P-10G allows optimal Dante settings to be automatically made on the VXL1-16P via LLDP, which passes system management data between neighbouring devices. Featuring eight Power over Ethernet (PoE)-compliant LAN ports and two combo LAN/SFP ports, the SWR2311P-10G can supply a maximum of 30W PoE for all ports simultaneously.

The unit delivers PoE for driving the VXL1-16P, as well as transmitting Dante audio and control signals.

The HY144-D-SRC is a network I/O card that supports up to 144 inputs and 144 outputs via Dante audio networking. While essentially the same as the current HY144-D card for RIVAGE PM systems, the HY144-D-SRC adds onboard sample rate conversion, which adds convenience to audio systems where devices running at different sample rates need to be interconnected. Synchronous and asynchronous SRC modes allow interoperability between a range of devices, without noise and dropouts.

The HY128-MD is a 128-in/128-out audio interface card that supports the MADI audio protocol. It can be used, for example, to convert the output of a RIVAGE PM10 system used for live sound reinforcement to MADI, for transmission to an OB truck for broadcast, or to connect to a MADI-based mixing console.

In addition to MADI conversion, the HY128-MD provides asynchronous sample rate conversion, allowing devices using different word clocks to be connected without noise and dropouts. Coaxial and optical MADI transmission lines are provided for redundancy, helping to prevent downtime in the event that one or the other fails.

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