Yamaha launches EMX5 and EMX7 portable powered mixers

Yamaha has announced two models in the EMX series of integrated mixers, the EMX5 and EMX7.

Following the launch of the EMX2 earlier in 2016, the EMX5 and EMX7 add power and more features to the lightweight design.

The EMX5 and EMX7 are suitable for a range of situations from fixed installations at bars and restaurants, houses of worship, and more.

The EMX5 and EMX7 feature high efficiency power amplifiers, which respectively deliver 630W and 710W output into each channel, with an overload protection function.

Both the EMX5 and EMX7 are equipped with four mono and four mono/stereo input channels, which allow up to eight microphones and line-level input sources to be connected. Channel 4 can be used with Hi-Z inputs, allowing direct input from instruments such as electric guitars and basses.

Both models are equipped with two Aux Send connections for a monitoring system or external effect devices; stereo TRS phone jacks to output the mixed stereo signal, speaker jacks which can be used with both TS phone and speakON plugs and REC OUT unbalanced RCA-pin output jacks for connecting an external recorder.

The EMX5 features Yamaha’s 1-Knob Master EQ™ for applying optimised Speech, Music, and Bass Boost settings, while the EMX7 features a flex-type graphic equaliser (Flex9GEQ) which allows users to select up to nine bands out of a total of 31 for fine tuning ±15dB.

Both models include Yamaha's 1-Knob compressor and a DSP section, which features 24 of Yamaha’s SPX effects.

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