Yamaha launches Dante-enabled SWP1 audio network switches

Yamaha has added the SWP1 series of network switches to its portfolio of audio networking products.

The SWP1 Series has been designed specifically for installed and live sound networking, with DIP switch Dante optimisation and a graphic interface, via a Windows application.

The SWP1 series is the first range of network switches designed and produced solely and specifically for the pro audio industry. Offering a set of Ethernet features, it features plug-and-play operation out of the box. Flipping a single DIP switch allows an optimised Dante setup to be instantly recalled, making SWP1 switches suitable for audio engineers who have no expertise in IP networking.

The switches simplify configuration by having settings for QoS, IGMP Snooping and other parameters pre-configured for optimum Dante performance.

The SWP1 series includes three VLAN presets that are selectable via DIP switch. There is also a User mode that allows for fully customised VLAN setup.

A dedicated Yamaha Audio Network Monitor application for Windows computers provides a view of the parameters required for Dante network management, including network traffic, switch status and individual Dante device information. It also monitors non-Dante devices on the network.

The SWP1 series is compatible with Dante-enabled products from both Yamaha and other audio manufacturers, making it an essential addition to any Dante audio network.

SWP1 network switchers will be available in March in three versions - SWP1-8 (eight Ethercon ports), SWP1-8MMF (eight Ethercon ports plus Multimode fibre connector) and SWP1-16MMF (12 Ethercon ports, four standard RJ45 ports plus Multimode fibre connector).

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