Yamaha introduces RM-WAP-16 wireless access point for remote conferencing

Yamaha has released its RM-WAP-16 wireless access point for remote conferencing and voice lift applications, offering 16 channels from a single unit.

The RM-WAP-16 includes Yamaha’s latest firmware (V2.0) with a new low-latency mode that allows the RM series of wired and wireless microphones to be used for voice lift applications with appropriate signal processors, such as the Yamaha MRX7-D or DME7. Up to 64 RM-W series wireless microphones can be used in parallel using four RM-WAP-16 units.

The 16 channel access point also forms a key component of the Adecia wireless system for hybrid meetings and conferences, designed for a wide variety of rooms to be used without the layout limitations of wired microphones.

Standard support for Dante audio networking is available, providing audio, control and PoE over a single network cable. Built-in audio signal processing is also provided, including high-speed auto echo cancellation, noise reduction and de-reverberation.

1.9GHz digital enhanced cordless telecommunications is used by the RM-WAP-16 to eliminate concerns over radio wave interference and information security.

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