Yamaha debuts VXH series pendant speakers for commercial use

Yamaha has launched Its VXH series pendant speakers for commercial spaces, designed for large retail, hospitality, entertainment and corporate premises.

Suitable for high, open structures and sloped ceilings, the VXH series Is comprised of two models: the VXH6 and VXH8 for background music and voice reproduction. 

The 6.5-In VXH6 features a 120 degrees dispersion pattern, with a peak power handling of 300W, designed for use where speakers are to be suspended at a low level. 

The eight-In VXH8 features a narrower dispersion pattern of 75 degrees and a peak power output of 360W for higher suspended positions. 

Both models can be mixed and matched with other speakers In the Yamaha range, supporting high and low Impedance connections with speaker wattage that can be switched both before and after Installation via a tap selector. 

Both models are IP45-rated and are supplied with a Gripple suspension hardware and wire kit for height adjustment during Installation. 

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