Yamaha debuts next-gen speakerphone for virtual meetings at InfoComm 2019

Yamaha has unveiled its YVC-330 portable USB and Bluetooth speakerphone with SoundCap technology for use in open plan offices.

SoundCap is designed for conducting remote conferences in noisy open workspaces, with the speakerphone designed to reduce background noise in open working environments, converting audio into a signal.

The YVC-330 features ‘Far Field Noise Reduction’ (FFNR), designed for capturing the voices of speakers sitting around a meeting table, allowing participants to focus on the conversation.

The YVC-330 also features an auto mute function, capable of being engaged when participants are not speaking.

SoundCap also offers an auto speaker volume adjustment, regulating the volume to ambient noise levels to maintain speech privacy.

USB, Bluetooth, NFC connections and power are provided through the YVC-330’s USB cable.

InfoComm 2019 will run at the Orange County Convention & Visitors Centre in Orlando, Florida from 12 June – 14 June 2019. 

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