Yamaha boosts M7CL range

This year’s ISE saw Yamaha announce a software upgrade for all existing M7CL digital consoles. The company also used the show to debut its new model, the M7CL-48ES.

The M7CL-48ES was developed, in part, as a response to the popularity of the company’s SB168-ES EtherSound stage box. The M7CL-48ES replaces the 48 internal mic pre-amps with two EtherSound ports. This keeps the three MY card slots free for other uses - for example allowing connection of multitrack recording equipment.

Also included is a third port, which allows permanent connection of the console to a computer while using EtherSound in ‘ring’ mode.

The M7CL-48ES auto-configures its connection to the SB168-ES stage box, obviating the need to use ES Monitor software to establish the link.

The upgraded, Version 3, software - which will be offered as a free upgrade to all existing M7CL users - provides enhancements including Sends On Fader for M7CL V3 Editor. Operated independently of the console. this allows, for example, a monitor engineer to use a tablet PC to remotely adjust the send level of a wedge monitor in front of an onstage performer. Direct access of Sends on Fader from the M7CL knobs is also now possible in Sends on Fader mode.

Other key improvements include enhanced VCM effects with a more straightforward user interface, and a number of new parameters for Recall Safe. ST IN 1-4 (OMNI IN 1-8) can now be used for talkback, and there are new default settings for Rack 5-8, Output Patch and User Defined Keys.

The M7CL-48ES and Version 3 software will both be available from Spring 2010.

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