Yamaha and 1 Beyond partner to create voice-activated camera switching system

Yamaha Unified Communications has announced the Adecia Ceiling Solution, engineered with Yamaha's audio technology, it integrates with 1 Beyond's Automate VX voice-activated camera switching product.

The integration uses a web-based room design software, which requires zero programming, and is now available for corporate, university, and government meeting spaces. 

1 Beyond's multi-camera Automate VX system creates an optimal hybrid experience by showing the active speaker whenever they talk. As different participants speak, the system cuts from camera to camera, without any observable camera movement or switching. It also features an optional Conversation Mode that shows the two most recent speakers in a side-by-side view. The Automate VX system supports up to 12 cameras placed strategically around the room and multiple Adecia ceiling units, allowing for automatic camera switching in a wide variety of room types, including large and complex spaces. 

Adecia uses four beams to automatically track voices around the room simultaneously, enabling communication with no dead spots and a variety of table arrangements in multi-purpose spaces. In addition to Adecia's multi-beam tracking technology, the microphone is designed to overcome the common challenges integrators face with implementation, configuration, and room acoustics by providing all components required for a successful installation and automatic technologies that reduce setup time, costs, and complexities. It automatically detects components, configures devices, and optimises audio performance for the room environment — adjusting for reverberation characteristics, echo behaviour, speaker/mic position, and more. 

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