Yamaha adds models to DHR/CHR loudspeaker range

Yamaha has added new models to its DHR/CHR range of loudspeakers. Offering a choice of two-way, bi-amped (DHR) or passive (CHR) models, the DHR/CHR12 and DHR/CHR15M are suitable for a variety of live and installed applications.

The DHR12 and CHR12 installation/utility loudspeakers sit between the DHR/CHR10 and DHR/CHR15 models, and are suitable for fixed installation applications that require higher sound quality and SPL. 

Featuring a custom-designed, 12-in woofer with 2.5-in voice coil and a precision, 1.4-in compression driver, both models measure 359 x 578 x 340mm (14.1-in x 22.8-in x 13.4-in). With dual-angle pole mounts, rigging points and an optional U bracket for optimum mounting versatility, a rotatable compression driver means they can be used in horizontal or vertical configuration, making the most of the 90º x 60º coverage angle.

The DHR12’s DSP-equipped, high efficiency Class-D amplifier delivers 1000w of power and 24 bit/48kHz A-D sampling, adding approximately two kilograms to the CHR12’s weight of 17.1kg. 

The DHR15M and CHR15M floor monitors complement the existing DHR/CHR12M and include a more powerful coaxial driver, comprising a 15-in woofer with 3-in voice coil and a precision 1.75-in compression driver with large diameter horn for optimal directivity and excellent long throw on larger stages. Featuring an expanded frequency range of 49Hz - 20kHz, the enhanced low-frequency reproduction and a higher maximum SPL make these new units ideal monitors for drummers and bass players in particular.

Measuring 642 x 369 x 505mm (25.3-in x 14.5-in x 18.9-in), with a coverage angle of 65ºH by 75ºV, an integrated pole mount socket means that they can also be used as conventional sound reinforcement loudspeakers.

The DSP-equipped, high efficiency Class-D amplifier of the DHR15M delivers 1000w of power and FIR tuning, adding approximately two kilograms to the 21.3kg (47.0lb) weight of the CHR15M.

All DHR loudspeakers include two input channels with an onboard mixer, while CHR models can take full advantage of dedicated speaker processor tuning settings when used with Yamaha PX Series amplifiers or other compatible signal processors.

Meanwhile, all DHR and CHR models are manufactured with premium plywood cabinets finished in a tough polyurea coating.

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