Xavtel launches Audio and HD Video over AVB

Xavtel was unveiled at the recent ISE show, highlighting: digital conference systems, multi-room networking and full HD video with audio over IP.

The main focus at ISE was the Senator conferencing range of products. The Senator system is based on DSP and networking technology and can in its maximum configuration contain up to 1000 CFM-1000 microphones running from a single DSP processor on a loop wired infrastructure.

The DCP1000 processing unit is able to store individual microphone settings including volume levels, voice-activated gates and eight-band parametric equalization and allocate them when the specific microphone is in use. The Senator family also includes the DCA-6C60 digital multi-channel amplifier.  The processor and the amplifier link together over a single CAT5 cable and auto-calibrates for mix minus applications.

The Mira server is the core of the Xavtel video and audio network offering. Working with remote I/O cards, the Mira can deliver high definition video and audio over a standard IP based AVB (Audio Video Bridge) network.

Xavtel's Audio DSP processor range also includes the budget priced Octo Jr, the Octopuz networked DSP platform, and the Octopro for more processing intensive applications. 

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