Wyrestorm launches SYN-KIT-510 presentation bundle

Wyrestorm has announced the release of its SYN-KIT-510-EU/US bundles, designed for medium-sized presentation applications in the education and corporate markets.

The bundle comprises a four-input, HDBaseT switching transmitter (SW-510-TX-EU/US), as well as a HDBaseT receiver (SW-515-RX-EU/US) and a pre-configured 2.8-in touchscreen controller (TS-280-EU/US). 

Bidirectional USB 2.0 extension is enabled for the connection of webcams, smart touchscreens and microphones for full switching and presentation capabilities. 

Additionally, CEC commands have been built into the touchscreen controller to turn remote displays on or off, as well as the ability to control projector screens or lifts. 

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