WorldViz unveils VR tool for enterprise

WorldViz, a VR specialist targeting enterprise and public sectors, announced a new communication platform, codenamed “Skofield”.

The platform, currently in alpha phase, is designed to help the communication of complex ideas to remote decision makers and disbursed teams. 

Skofield operates like a GoToMeeting for VR and comprises two main elements: creation and experience. In the creation phase, presenters use Skofield’s Presentation Designer software to put together a VR presentation by dragging and dropping elements into the WYSIWYG editor. The Presentation Designer will also allow the presenter to modify the presentation by setting proximity triggers and defining which objects have interactivity. In addition to creating virtual spaces and interactive objects, presenters can also insert PDFs and PPT slides, such as training manuals or product fact sheets, to support a presentation. 

When a presentation is complete the presenter can invite attendees to join a session immediately or at a later date via email or text. Attendees can then view, experience, and interact with the VR presentation or 3D designs. A set of tools will give attendees the ability to interact with the presentation in different ways, such as move around the virtual space, zoom in on or interact with objects, annotate on objects, measure distances, or even use a virtual laser pointer. Skofield also provides telephony for voice as well as gaze tracking, and can even record meetings for later reference.

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