WorldStage debuts Sx3 AV platform

WorldStage has launched its Sx3 AV platform, which it designed to reduce set-up time, deliver reliability and transform presentation rooms with 50-500 people.

WorldStage developed Sx3 after research confirmed that, while conference general sessions seek to deploy the latest AV technology to inform audiences, AV management of smaller presentation rooms had changed little in the last decade. 

These rooms typically have large 6ft tables in the back packed with equipment and cable as well as projectors positioned in the centre of the audience.  In this traditional setup, local tech staff spend several hours per room tracking down and assembling components from 12-15 individual cases containing equipment, accessories and cables in the hope of building a system in each room that will actually work.

By contrast, Sx3 replaces the 6ft table with a 30x30-in case containing a fully integrated technical rack with pre-installed audio and video components. To further reduce setup time, support gear for each room is contained in three additional customised cases containing speakers, laser projectors, ultra short-throw lenses as well as all accessories and cables.

WorldStage designed Sx3 to include laser projectors with ultra short-throw lenses in every presentation room.  These projectors and lenses need only a few feet of depth which allows them to be placed behind the screens, freeing up additional space for more seats in each room where the projector used to sit.

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