WORK to show revised Blueline at ISE

The new Blueline Digital system will play a major role on WORK's stand at ISE 2013.

The revisited version of the Blueline system is based on multichannel audio distribution via a TCP/IP network.

DCA-1 is one of the company’s other key products for the show. It is an audio matrix (8 inputs / 2 independent outputs) with built-in amplifier. This independent two-zone system, with class D amplifier and up to 120 W per zone, can be remotely controlled through RS 232, RS 485 and/or DMX. In addition, it is compatible with LM-5 so it can be managed by Wifi using mobile devices.

The software team of the brand has also developed a new version of WORKCAD, the software designed to control and program company’s products. This new version will be shown for the first time during ISE 2013.

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