Work Pro launches speakers, amps and mic mixer

Work Pro has highlighted smart speakers: SCPro A, SCPro 4A BT and SCPro 4K BL, as part of its ISE roundup.

SCPro A integrates a 2x20W amplifier, monitor output, bridge and dual modes; SCPro 4A BT presents the same features as SCPro 4A with a Bluetooth connection; and SCPro 4A BL offers Blueline integration (receiver), 2x6W amplifier, PoE supply, remote control (BLC1), bridge and dual modes.

The three models can be connected to 3 passive speakers in serial and can increase the number of speakers in the installation.

The company also launched a new model of ceiling subwoofer was launched, the C Pro 8 Sub, that completes the Pure Pro Series. The product features 160W Continuous @ 4Ω and 90 dB of sensitivity.

Also presented at ISE was the outdoor speaker WFS 10 CX. The two-way horn loaded fibreglass speaker has IP 55 rating, totally weather resistant. It has 104 dB and 300 W Continuous @ 8Ω. The WFS 10 CX mounts a coaxial transducer, a 10-in cone LF driver and 1-in exit HF compression driver. 

The WPS 310 pendant speaker was also showcased. It is constructed from fibreglass and houses a 10-in coaxial transducer (10-in+1-in), providing clear sound and high fidelity. It presents technical features as 500 W @ 8Ω and 95 dB of sensitivity.  

Work Pro also released four models of amplifiers in its PA Series. The small amplifiers PA 100 and PA 100 MX offer 100W and can operate with low impedance or 70/100V line loudspeakers. Booth of them are able to be controlled by remote control using RS485 protocol. The PA 100 MX also, incorporates three Line inputs (two rear and one front), microphone input, two tone controls (bass and treble), signal and peak led, and a knob for control the main volume level.

PA 1090 is a multizone amplifier which integrates a ten channels that can be operated low impedance channels as 70/100V line. The channels are distributed in the following way: 8 channels @ 4 ohm + 2 channels 70/100 V line.  The PA 1090 is protected from overheating with a fan with speed  variations according to the temperature, overload and DC level.

The MD 82 AX was also showcased. The microphone mixer incorporates eight balanced inputs. It provides individual input level control and master level. 

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