Work Pro launches Lightshark DMX based lighting console

Work Pro has released its LS-Wing fader wing,able to operate in open sound control (OSC) mode and can be configured as a standalone MIDI console for any device that accepts MIDI control via USB, with a total of three USB ports provided including a USB-B port.

The LS-Wing allows Work Pro’s LS-1 and LS-Core to operate as consoles that can deliver direct DMX universes.

LS-Wing incorporates a device holder that can accommodate up to a 13-in tablet, with two fixing points incorporated to allow smart devices to be tethered to the console via Kensington locks.

The fader wing’s surface control comprises 20 executor buttons and 10 playbacks with respective selection, flash and execution of scenes and also has two ethernet Gigabit switch ports, a TrueOne (110/220V) mains connector and an XLR connector for a 5V LLG-1 LED lamp.

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