Work Pro adds to NEO Series of installation loudspeakers

Work Pro has introduced two products which join the NEO Series of installation loudspeakers, in the NEO 5A ES and NEP 5 IP units.

One of the new products is NEO 5 A ES, the updated version of NEO 5 A. This installation loudspeaker has been developed by Work Pro after it set itself the objective of maximising the savings in energy consumption and, therefore, making it more efficient.

Under this philosophy, Work Pro has come up with a way of shutting down when it is not receiving an audio signal. This auto-off feature means a reduction in its consumption below 1W.

The second new model is the NEO 5 IP, the waterproof version of NEO 5. Due to its high IP range (IP 65), this two-way passive loudspeaker is suitable for outdoor installations in complete safety because it withstands rain and wind.

NEO 5 IP as well as NEO 5 A ES are available in black and white versions to make it easier to blend it in with the requirements of the installation.

In addition to these two last releases, NEO Series is composed of 5 different passive loudspeakers, 2 two-way active loudspeakers. Technically, these loudspeakers are suitable for low impedance installation as well as 100V line installations.

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