Work Pro adds LS-Wing to LightShark range

Work Pro has added LS-Wing to its LightShark DMX-based hardware lighting console range in a move that delivers access to an Open Sound Control (OSC) hardware controller.

LS-Wing can send OSC commands via ethernet networks to any device or software controlled by the OSC protocol. It can also use Ethernet networks to send UDP/IP commands.

It can be configured in a variety of different modes: a straightforward fader wing, an OSC hardware controller or a standalone MIDI console for any device that accepts MIDI control via USB. A total of four USB ports are provided, including a USB-B port.

In all three modes, LS-Wing has a built-in ArtNet/sACN to DMX converter node offering two Direct DMX universes. Work Pro’s existing LightShark products - the LS-1 and LS-Core – already offer two Direct DMX universes via an XLR connector, so by adding LS-Wing the number of Direct DMX universes available to each console can be doubled. 

LS-Wing is designed to reflect the look and aesthetics of Work Pro’s existing LS-1 hardware controller and incorporates a device holder than can accommodate up to a 13-in tablet. Two fixing points are incorporated so that smart devices can be tethered to the console via Kensington locks.

Its surface control comprises 20 executor buttons and 10 playbacks with their respective selection, flash and execution of scenes. LS-Wing also has three Ethernet Gigabit switch ports, a TrueOne (110/220V) mains connector and an XLR connector for a 5V LLG-1 LED lamp. 

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