WolfVision unveils 3D visualizer

WolfVision has its sights on training rooms and educational centres as it unveils a prototype of a 3D Ceiling Visualizer.

The company says the product would be suitable for 3D applications including science and education, product design and engineering, medicine and telemedicine, and videoconferencing.

Its prototype is equipped with two high precision lenses, which generate high quality images that can be converted to 3D format, in real-time, using the on-board stereoscopic mixer.

A 12X optical zoom capability allows viewing of various sized objects and a synchronised lightfield, which is projected onto the working surface, allows the user to find correct positioning for display materials.

3D images are output via HDMI 1.4a in 1080p60 side by side/line alternative/page flip, 1080p24 or 1080p30 frame packing/top-bottom.

Images can be viewed without glasses, on suitable display screens. Standard 2D images in 1080p60 format can also be output if required.

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