WolfVision debuts BYOM web conferencing for Cynap systems

WolfVision has debuted its BYOM web conferencing feature for its Cynap systems, available with the latest firmware update v1.58 for Cynap Pure models and above.

Users will now be able to toggle to ‘BYOM Mode’ on a Windows or Mac laptop running WolfVision’s vSolution app to connect wirelessly to a Cynap system, running web meetings directly from a laptop.

Web conferencing services can be controlled via the meeting host’s own device, while simultaneously connecting to the camera, microphone and speaker peripherals installed in the meeting room.

Additionally, a feature enhancement in firmware update v1.58 enables a Cynap Mini or Cynap Pure to connect via HDMI to an installed Zoom Room or Microsoft TeamsRoom. Mirrored content will be presented directly into the web conference when screen sharing wirelessly to the Cynap.

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