Wolfson and Elliptic Labs partner for touchless gesture control

Wolfson and Elliptic Labs have signed a partnership agreement to develop 'always on', low power touchless gesture control for electronic devices.

Wolfson Microelectronics, a manufacturer of semiconductor devices and audio products for electronics products, and Elliptic Labs, a developer of ultrasonic touchless gesturing systems for electronics devices, have announced a partnership to use Elliptic Labs’ ultrasonic gesture control system with Wolfson’s Audio Digital Signal Processor (ADSP) platform.

This combined technology makes 'always on' ultrasonic, low power touchless gesture control a reality for electronics devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Using sound waves to interpret hand movements, Elliptic Labs’ system is currently the only technology integrated into portable devices that can deliver 3D gesture control with a 180-degree field of view at all sides of the device. It can identify near-field and mid-air gestures with focus up to 50 cm.

Wolfson’s ADSP platform enables the electronic device to be 'always on and always looking' for gestures without any significant drain on battery life.

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