Williams AV releases IR assisted listening system

Williams AV has launched its IR Plus, an IR assisted listening system with integrated Wi-Fi which features a distributed IR emitter array architecture which allows up to four emitters to be either stacked as room arrays or distributed throughout a room to accommodate wings in room design, balconies or obscured venue locations.

A rack mounted or remotely located IR modulator is included with support for up to four IR emitters, with each emitter running back to a modulator via a Cat-6 cable which provides audio and power to support the remote emitter. 

Large room applications can be catered for by adding up to four IR modulators to support up to 16 IR modulators. 

The IR Plus system can be controlled and monitored remotely via an internal webpage, with integrated Ethernet allowing for connection to a building’s network or a dedicated system-only network.  

The listening system also includes a WaveCAST network output for streaming audio via Wi-Fi when combined with a wireless access point. 

The WaveCAST Wi-Fi assistive listening output includes an iOS or Android app for supporting mobile devices, with the WaveCast Wi-Fi system able to be used with the Williams Sound WF R1 Wi-Fi receiver.

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