Williams AV releases Annotation PRO

Williams AV has announced the launch of its Annotation PRO, bringing annotation to 4K video systems.

The Annotation PRO features an NVIDIA processor and is built on an NVIDIA Pascal GPU system architecture, with 256 NVIDIA CUDA cores.

The embedded software app runs on a Linux operating system, with two digital video inputs, an HDMI, USB 3.0 video and PIP capabilities, allowing the system to be configured to support dual video output viewing configurations.

The USB 3.0 can be configured for video capture applications.

The Annotation PRO works with HDMI switcher and third party control systems, able to work in a video in-line or loop through video design, able to ordered in either a non-HDCP or HDCP compliant models.

Two RS232 ports and five USB control ports for HID touch screen support are included, with a presenter toolbar user interface allowing users to use the system with minimal training.

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