What’s in the new version of the Bosch Video Management System?

Bosch has announced version 9.0 of the Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) that was originally launched in 20017.

BVMS provides management and interpretation of digital video, audio and security data transmitted across IP networks. It is scalable and can manage up to 200,000 cameras. The system features technology that keeps operations functioning even when management and recording servers fail. 

Version 9.0 fully supports intelligent streaming, a technology developed to reduce bitrates without compromising image quality. Intelligent data management technology is offered built-in as standard in the majority of Bosch IP camera portfolio. It adjusts encoder settings based on movement in the whole, or in sections of the scene, to achieve efficient bitrate. Combined with built-in intelligent dynamic noise reduction and H.265 video encoding, bitrates can be reduced by up to 80%. 

The new version also introduces a renewed graphical user interface (GUI), including a unified colour scheme. Alerts, maintenance messages and notifications are displayed in colour against a dark grey background. 

BVMS 9.0 can display individual alarm set-ups, whereby alarms can be sequenced in priority then automatically appear on-screen.

The ability to limit the amount of camera views (cameos) on a single screen avoids operators being overloaded with information. BVMS 9.0 improves mouse-based control of pan-tilt-zoom cameras via a drag and drop mode, which simplifies the pursuit of moving objects. 

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