wePresent to debut collaboration platform at ISE 2017

wePresent is to give a double debut at ISE 2017, it will unveil the WiCS-2100, the premiere product in its line of dedicated collaboration platforms, and the wePresent Management Suite, a server-based utility that allows network-integrated management of wePresent hardware.

The WiCS-2100 is designed to facilitate collaboration in any environment. As with all wePresent products, the WiCS-2100 supports most major platforms for computers and mobile devices, including enhanced compatibility with Apple AirPlay and integrated Google Chromecast support.

The hardware’s user interface is designed for better functionality, allowing previews of connected devices by a moderator before they’re displayed, and an enhanced on-board moderation utility that will be invaluable to those in the education sector.

wePresent’s Management Suite will allow administrators to schedule firmware updates, change the configuration of individual units, or remotely troubleshoot problems with the hardware.

Best suited for large networks, such as schools or office buildings, the Management Suite is intended to address the growing need for remote hardware management, easing the workload of IT administrators who oversee an abundance of devices.

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