Web-based content creation for D-Signage

Cayin Technology has released xPost, a web-based application offering a suite of content editing tools for digital signage networks. Its components are meetingPost, wayfinderPost and lobbyPost each with their own vertical applications.

LobbyPost is designed for the hospitality market and can be used to display advertisements and corporate logos, or information such as room tariffs or exchange rates. In addition, weather information can be retrieved from the internet and displayed.

MeetingPost is dedicated to the needs of meeting rooms or multipurpose venues, which require flexible arrangements on the meeting schedule as well as frequent updates. Through the room booking system in meetingPost administrators can arrange events easily and publish events on the screen automatically.

WayfinderPost is the application specially developed for public spaces, giving announcements, promoting special events or giving directions. It includes various templates depending on the specific use it is intended for.

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