Wall panels get design boost

AUTHOR: Inavate

Auralex Acoustics has revealed it will market ProPanels, fabric-covered acoustic absorptive panels that can be designed as artwork. The company says SonicPrint, its own custom-printed panels can be designed with whatever the customer desires.

Single colours, paintings or drawings of any kind can be accommodated and Auralex is currently negotiating licensed properties to provide additional graphic options.

Auralex ELiTE ProPanels are designed to reduce unwanted room reflections, slap and flutter echoes. They have a fibreglass core with chemically-hardened edges. All ProPanels meet the Class A fire rating per ASTM E84, for use in areas with strict fire codes. Standard wall-mounting hardware is provided.

Custom ProPanels are available in any size up to 5”x10” with a thickness of either 3/4", 1", 2" or 4". Beyond standard rectangular panels, custom shapes, corners or edging can be created.