Wall Designer update boosts features for creative LED deployment

Datapath has launched a new version of its Wall Designer software that adds content downscaling capabilities which ensures original aspect ratio is maintained, whatever the size or placement.

Wall Designer v2.2.0, available as a free download, works with Datapath’s Fx4 controllers and lets users tile, replicate and refit content. 

It supports the design of multi-segment LED video walls. When placed upstream of LED sender devices, Datapath’s Fx4 acts as a content manipulation tool suitable for deployments of all sizes. It synchronises video across all outputs and enables multiple independently sized LED fixtures to be built into one unified display surface. The Wall Designer update means content regions can now be adjusted to cater for custom LED fixture resolutions, scaling the content to match the LED display.

Wall Designer software provides information such as screen dimensions (in pixels and millimetres), bezel sizes and refresh rates. The ability to choose from a list of previously used monitors as well as adding other monitors and bespoke RGB LED configurations assists display wall configuration and implementation. The software has user-driven monitor database. 

A borders update adds content-region downscaling on each output and makes the Wall Designer and Fx4 system suited to many applications including live events, digital signage, corporate and retail. Wall Designer is available for both Windows and MacOS systems. It is available now for Datapath’s Fx4 and will also be integrated with the FX4SDI controllers in the future. 

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