VuWall launches TRx 2.0 for AV over IP content

VuWall has announced its next generation TRx 2.0 system for distributing AV signals over standard IP networks. The technology is designed for presentation rooms, control rooms and complex signal management across multiple buildings projects such as universities and hospitals.

Combining streaming up to 4K resolution to drive unlimited numbers of inputs and outputs, TRx 2.0 comes with a family of encoders, decoders, and videowalls over IP processors.

The management of the system is accomplished through a central TRx server for deployment of a large number of devices. The web interface allows users to control the system from any point on the network.

By definition, an AV network consists of many connected devices that need to be deployed and operated within multiple rooms, floors or buildings. The complexity of such an installation may suggest a very cumbersome experience both in the configuration, the operation and the maintenance phase. With VuWall’s TRx AV network management solution, these processes are performed with an intuitive 'drag and drop' user interface.

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