VuWall launches security update for TRx management system

VuWall has released version 2.5 of its TRx management system, adding security features such as updated user rights management and private mode.

The updated user rights management allows for administrators to tune permissions, with users and groups able to be restricted by floor, zone or endpoint (source/display) and also determine whether specific users/groups can join with video, audio or USB/keyboard/mouse. 

Users can also be restricted by preventing the creation of new presets, control panels and writing scripts. Permissions are also available to allow users/groups to create but not delete or rename resources. 

Private mode allows for content on a network to be secured in a KVM environment by assigning privacy, allowing only the source owner to authorise where content is displayed. Private mode also locks a source to a given user once displayed, preventing other users from routing the source to other locations or removing it from a display it has been joined to. 

Private mode also notifies and allows users to accept or deny requests to take over private joins from other users. 

By using TLS and HTTPS, all communication between a VuWall server and TRx clients is encrypted to protect against ‘man in the middle’ attacks with a configurable feature that allows users to provide bespoke encryption keys and distribute them to trusted clients. 

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