VSI goes modular with AVN series encoders

VSI, IPTV encoding product manufacturer, has announced updates and enhancements to its AVN series components.

At this year’s InfoComm exhibition the company will announce a new order fulfillment scheme that enables the customization of AVN series encoders. Firmware installed on the blades for each order gives users the flexibility to upgrade as. For example, a customer can choose a base model to stream 480i SD video — and then add modules for increased resolution (720p, 1080i, 1080p) or SMPTE 2022 forward error correction later. The company plans to make other optional feature modules available in the future.

The three prepackaged models previously available (AVN422, AVN441, and AVN443) will now produce more than 20 orderable configurations.

VSI is also adding H.264-over-IP encoding at full 1080p60 in the AVN443, AVN441, and AVN422 modules, which previously were limited to 1080i. This technological advancement enables the processing of the highest resolution HD signals via IP streams.

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