Void Acoustics expands Venu loudspeaker range

Void Acoustics has added new models to its Venu range, including new features and new sizes.

The new models in the Venu V2 series feature a speakON TM socket with a larger Phoenix connector, with five sizes of loudspeaker available ranging from 6.5-in to 15-in.

The Venu V2 range includes an asymmetric, rotatable high frequency horn (excluding the Venu 6 V2) and fixing points for Easy Hang, yolk or ceiling brackets, as well an optional top hat in place of the blanking plate.

The grilles and fittings are made entirely from 15mm multi-laminate birch plywood, with low frequency enclosures featured on the Venu 112 V2, Venu 212 V2, Venu 115 V2, Venu 215 V2 and Venu 210i.

High excursion transducers are included, with a recessed rear connector panel also being featured.

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