Vogel’s says mount is secure and ’˜superflat’

For mounting displays close to the wall, the PFW 5000 series provides neat appearance and secure fixing, according to Vogel’s. The Netherlands based mounting solutions specialist says all models are TÃœV safety approved and feature locking functionality, designed to deter theft.

The full line up comprises three model variations, each available in two sizes. One series for displays from 37” to 50” and one series for displays up to 70”. The basic ‘flat + click’ models (PFW 5000 / 5500) measure 3.2cm from the wall.

A click-in keyless locking bracket is claimed to simplify mounting and deter theft. The ‘flat + padlock’ models (PFW 5005 / 5505) have a locking bar and padlock for additional protection. The ‘tilt + padlock’ models (PFW 5010 / 5510) feature the locking bar and an incremental tilt-function, making them suitable for higher mounting positions.

All models use a wall plate with ‘centre of screen’ indication and a built-in levelling feature (with diagonal mounting slots). The wall plates on the PFW 5010 / 5510 models can be connected in a row to facilitate precision multiple-display mounting.

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