VNS unveils GeoBox UD10X edge blending and warping controller

VNS has launched its GeoBox UD10X edge blending and warping controller, capable of geometrically arranging and blending 4K projection outputs.

The GeoBox UD10X series allows for full control of edge blending and warping, of 8k/2k @30Hz or 4K (4096x2160) @60Hz content on 4K (4096x2160) @60Hz projectors.

Users are able to adjust outputted images in real time without pre-editing and without PC-based software control.

33x33 control points are provided for geometric alignment, allowing the UD10X to control multiple 4K content with the possibility of combining 4K outputs to create displays.

Each UD10X module is equipped with four inputs (three HDMI2.0 and one DP1.4) and one output (HDMI 2.0), able to be daisy-chained to support more than four projectors.

PIP/POP functionality is provided to allow PIP (sub) images to be placed in any location and size on the projection-blended installation, with POP images able to be placed side-by-side or top-to-bottom, allowing up to four split views to be created in each output channel.

Main and secondary images can be rotated, flipped and swapped around independently, with adjustable cropping area and aspect ratios.Each output is also supported by four inputs.

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