VNS to show new GeoBox video control systems at ISE 2020

VNS will unveil its latest GeoBox video control systems at the show, a range of one-box processors for controlling videowall content and multiple edge-blending output from multiple projectors.

GeoBox systems control digital content from any input in any format without a separate PC, with displays and projectors able to be controlled by multiple GeoBox systems. 

8K capability has been added to its range of GeoBox systems, natively supporting inputs of 8K/1K or 1K/8K at 30hz, allowing for the creation of 8K multi-projector projection systems.
A new edge-blending range, the GeoBox M800 will also be shown, with two versions available: the M800 and the M800EX hardware projection mapping systems, with the GeoBox M800 range being demonstrated with a FujiFilm projector at ISE 2020.


The G901 processor will also be shown with the M800 edge blender, with curved edge-blending being shown by using two Epson projectors. 

The G901 processor supports both input and outputs at 4K/60Hz, adding extra functionalities to edge blending projection such as PIP and POP on the image.  

Users can crop images, overlap pixels, edge-blend and geometrically adjust images with Geobox without embedded projectors or media servers. The processor can be used with any projector and can be daisy-chained to create immersive experiences.
VNS will also highlight its G413 videowall control hardware processor, which supports 360-degree image rotation and allows users to control multiple videowall displays at any angle without additional software.

A 4K/2K @60Hz input and output front-end processor, the G901, will also be shown at ISE, with the front-end processor for large-scale displays such as LED, videowall and multiple projector applications. 

The G901 features three HDMI 2.0, two DisplayPort 1.4 inputs and one HDMI 2.0 output ports with 10-bit colour and 10-bit processing, PIP/POP, image rotation/flip, image ‘anyplace’ cropping, a flexible aspect ratio adjustment and ‘creative videowall’ function. 

ISE 2020 will run from 11-14 February 2020 at the RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

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